Sheffield A. Kadane III, MD and Alfonso E. Pino III, MD

Patient Certified Excellence

Allied Anesthesia Associates is dedicated to providing your patients with a wonderful surgical experience. We work closely with our surgeons and surgical facilities to ensure that every encounter you and your patient have with us is excellent.

Relationships Built on Trust

We take our relationships very seriously and want to make certain that you are completely satisfied with your patients' care.

Allied Anesthesia Associates

Allied Anesthesia is a medical group practice specializing in preoperative medicine and anesthesia services. With a team of anesthesiologist and certified registered nurse anesthetists, we provide high quality anesthesia services to thousands of patients annually. We are a proven leader in anesthesia group practice and work closely with our surgeons and facilities to provide the highest level of experienced, efficient and exceptional care.

Allied Anesthesia Associates is led by an experienced management team including anesthesiologists in Anesthesiology and Peri-Operative Medicine. Allied Anesthesia is a thriving medical group practice consisting of anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists caring for over 15,000 patients annually throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, serving over 11 DFW area hospitals and surgery centers. Allied Anesthesia is privileged to work with some of the best surgeons in the nation. They specialize in ambulatory and regional anesthesia, with unique experience in the area of opthalmic anesthesia. Doctors Kadane and Pino have performed over 120,000 eye blocks over sixteen years of opthalmic anesthesia specialization.

  • Anesthesia for adult and pediatric surgical cases
  • Anesthesia for ambulatory surgery
  • Ophthalmic anesthesia
  • Regional anesthesia
  • Office-based anesthesia ranging from brief sedation to general anesthesia
  • Pre-operative medicine, including preoperative evaluation and optimization
  • Anesthesia department management and medical direction
  • JCAHO/HFAP/AAAHC accreditation support
  • Quality assurance and peer review
  • Expert witness services

While many anesthesia groups focus solely on patient care, we expand our focus to include surgeon and facility care. We have a long successful track record of working with surgeons and facilities in the areas of OR efficiency, cost containment, scheduling and regulatory compliance, with a strong focus on maximizing return for clean facilities and their patients.

Our Team of Experts

Our Team of Experts

  • Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC)
  • Major Nerve Blocks
  • Opthalmic Blocks
  • Intravenous Regional Anesthesia
  • General Anesthesia
  • Office-based Anesthesia
  • Preoperative Medicine
  • Management & Medical Direction
  • Accreditation Support
  • Quality Assurance & Peer Review