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Allied Anesthesia Associates

Board-certified anesthesiologists specializing in preoperative medicine and anesthesia services. Allied's team of anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists provide high quality anesthesia services to thousands of patients annually. We are a proven leader in anesthesia group practice and work closely with surgeons and facilities to provide the highest level of experienced, efficient and exceptional care.

Billing & Insurance Information

Allied Anesthesia will be providing your anesthesia services for your upcoming procedure. We provide your anesthesia services through an anesthesia care team approach. That means that you will have both a board certified physician anesthesiologist and certified registered nurse anesthetist involved in your care.

Once your procedure is completed we will file a claim to your insurance company and secondary insurance, if applicable, on your behalf. Your insurance company may decide to "split" the bill into a "MD" or medical doctor portion and a "CRNA" or anesthesia nurse provider portion. You will be receiving an Explanation of Benefits from your insurance company. THIS IS NOT A BILL. We will be negotiating with your insurance company for payment. Until you receive a statement from Allied Anesthesia, there will be no need for concern regarding payment.

Questions and concerns regarding your billing should be directed to our office. There is no need to contact your surgeon. His or her office does not have any information regarding Allied Anesthesia billing and will not be able to help you. Please contact us first at (214) 373- 9092, ext 102, and speak to our insurance coordinator.

Patients without insurance coverage need to make payment and financial arrangements prior to your scheduled surgery date.

We appreciate your patience during the payment process. We are glad to work with you and your insurance company. Please understand that your satisfaction is our top priority.

Thank you for allowing us to care for you during your procedure.

Patient Information